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Our History

Frank Lau is a charming and creative entrepreneur. Despite having been in the IT industry for several years, he found his true calling in the F & B industry. As with any entrepreneur, he started small. This, however, did not prevent him from dreaming big. He was ambitious, continuously looking for inspiration and ideas. Years later, he noticed a rising trend among the youth, something widely known as K-Pop. With a visionary mind, Frank saw this as a golden opportunity.

He then turned to his wife, Laura Kim. Laura is a strong and talented woman. She supports her husband’s aspirations and admires his abilities. Being Korean, she is knowledgeable about the ingredients and cooking techniques that make for perfect Korean dishes. She knew that she could greatly contribute to Frank’s newest venture.

In 2008, this couple decided to bring their passions together for an exciting project. His entrepreneurial skills combined with her cultural background gave birth to the fresh and dynamic Korean restaurant that is SEOUL YUMMY.

Since our establishment, we have catered to thousands of local and foreign customers. Located in popular locations throughout Singapore, we have provided them with delicious Korean food, exceptional service, and an overall great time. Discover more about the SEOUL YUMMY EXPERIENCE!