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Corporate Social Responsibility

WISHING LOCKS have gained popularity over the years. Several fences, gates, and bridges all over the world have gotten new meaning thanks to people who started affixing locks on them as a way of sealing wishes. These places have become famous destinations for anyone who would like their heart’s desires to come true.

The N Seoul Tower at Mt. Namsan is one such place. Couples who wish to stay together forever attach love locks along a fence located at its base level. They then throw away the keys so that no one can ever undo the vows represented by the locks.

Ready to make a wish?

SEOUL YUMMY takes after the tradition of WISHING LOCKS at all our outlets and from 15 April 2016 – 15 April 2017 we will be working with Children’s Cancer Foundation for a CSR campaign.

With every donation you make, you get a wishing lock that you can affix in our store premises and 100% of the gross donations will be donated to Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Don’t forget to drop your keys in the ‘Post-box of Love’ in-store!

This initiative allows us to further enrich your Korean experience with us. But more than that, it is also part of our corporate social responsibility. We, as a company, give great importance to giving back to the community however possible.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a lock and make a wish at SEOUL YUMMY now!