Top Up


Green tea ice cream, green tea flakes, Korean red bean and cornflakes.

Black Yellowlike

Chocolate ice cream, oreo flakes, banana and crushed nuts.

Crayon Poplike

Vanilla ice cream, mango, kiwi, strawberry flakes, peach, strawberries and cornflakes.

Roly Berry

Yogurt flakes, cornflakes, mixed berries and strawberries.

Crunch Generation

Cereal crunch, Korean red bean, rice cakes and almond flakes.

Ko Ko Pop

Chocolate powder, wafer cookies, coco pop crunch and chocolate ball.

Hot Hot Summer

Pineapple, lychee, longan, peach, mango and cornflakes.

Mr. Bibimbab

Strawberry, banana, kiwi, blueberries, peach, Korean red bean and cornflakes. Drizzle chocolate syrup, mix and enjoy!

Best Treat Of Summer (BTS)

It’s never too cold for ice cream! Green tea, vanilla, chocolate ice cream with cornflakes and mixed berries.

Crooked Patjooklike

Traditionally eaten on winter solstice. Korean red bean, glutinous rice balls served with marshmallow and rice cakes.