Signature Army Stew

Seoul Yummy’s No. 1 Signature

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Daebak Army Stewlike

Army stew with spicy chicken slices, spicy pork collar slices and beef slices. The rich flavours of marinated Korean meat enhances the flavour of the homemade spicy Army Stew soup.

Jjang Army Stewlike

Army stew with seafood – clams, spicy octopus, prawns and squids.

Gongju Army Stew

Odeng are Korean fish cake served on skewers (just like those sold at Seoul’s street snack stalls)!

Gongju Army Stew is army stew topped with assorted odengs and shredded cheese.

Black Stewlike

Pork slices, Korean ramyon, spam, sausage, tteokbokki and assorted vegetables simmered in Jja Jang pork stew.