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The Experience
Like rain, it first came in droplets, until it poured all at once.

K-Pop took the world by storm with its wonderful mix of music, fashion, and attitude. Everybody enjoyed and took part in the craze, easterners and westerners coming together in celebration of this unique cultural display.

It is this very appeal of K-Pop that brought about SEOUL YUMMY, a casual dining establishment that provides exceptional Korean food, service, and experience. We want to immerse locals and foreigners alike in this fun and colorful world, giving them feelings of joy and great memories to go with.

Through our dishes, we are able to give people a taste of Korea.

A lot of the ingredients and spices that we use in preparing our food are imported from Korea itself, giving it that rich and appetizing flavor that the country is known for. We are proud to have master chef Kim Sang Ho with us, sharing his years of experience and expertise in Korean food with the rest of our chefs, staff, and customers.

Our menu consists of a wide variety of Korean appetizers, main courses, desserts, and beverages that you can mix and match. At SEOUL YUMMY, we give you the option to create your own meal set or combo based on what attracts your taste buds the most. While other Korean restaurants offer food in huge portions and at expensive prices, we offer Korean dishes in satisfying portions at just the right prices – giving you more value for your money and allowing you to enjoy more of our cooking.

But there’s more to us than just great food.

We are also patronized because of our impeccable customer service. Our staff is friendly and courteous, helping you to feel at home in our humble establishment. We make sure that all your requests are attended to at a fast pace. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet meal with family, sealing a business deal with executives, hanging out with friends, or simply having some alone time – SEOUL YUMMY is the place to be.

We just want you to have a great and unforgettable experience with us.

The ambiance in our restaurant combined with our funky choice of Korean music teleports you into the perky and dynamic world of K-Pop. Even as a simple K-Pop enthusiast, you’ll surely appreciate the effort that we put in providing our customers with a genuine and holistic Korean experience.

Are you ready to spice up your day with our delectable Korean dishes? Browse through our online menu now!