Top Up

Enjoy ramyon the K-drama way with our specially imported gold ramyon pots and stove from Seoul! 

Koreans believe that ramyon tastes better if cooked on high flames and that the more you stir the ramyon noodles while they boil, the chewier they get. 

Poong Japchae like

Stir fried glass noodles.

Choice of protein:
Spicy chicken / Spicy pork / Bulgogi beef / Spicy octopus

Black Myon

Noodles with Jja Jang pork stew.

Brown Myon

Noodles with braised ganjang (Korean soy sauce) marinated chicken.

Red Myon like

Noodles with spicy dak bokkeum chicken.

Legend Of The Sea like

Ramyon with clams and spicy octopus.

Spam Over Flowers

Ramyon with spam and mozzarella cheese.

Running Chicken

Ramyon with spicy chicken slices.

Show Me The Pork

Ramyon with spicy pork slices.