Our Story.

The future we wish to create

Seoul Yummy was founded in 2008 by the couple, Frank and Laura.

Frank founded his true calling in the F&B industry.

He also noticed a rising K-Pop trend and saw it as a golden opportunity.

Being Korean, Laura is knowledgeable about the ingredients & cooking techniques that make for perfect Korean dishes.

Frank’s entrepreneurial skills combined with Laura’s cultural background gave birth to the Korean chain restaurant – Seoul Yummy.

Since its establishment,
Seoul Yummy has become a go-to restaurant

for quintessential traditional Korean cuisine with a modern twist.

In 2017, Seoul Yummy unveiled and refreshed the brand with a new logo, brand strategy and menu.

Fans who love all things Korean will fall in love with the pop art-style illustrations interior and playful dish names inspired by K-drama shows and bands.

Most importantly, modern flavours of the food that remain true to the soul of Korean cuisine.

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