Top Up

Hotstone Bibimbablike

One-bowl wonder!

Assorted vegetables, a choice of protein and sunny side up egg.

Plonk in as much or as little sauce and plunge your spoon in to give it a really good mix, it gets better with every mouthful!

Choice of Protein:
Spicy Pork / Spicy Chicken / Bulgogi Beef / Vegetarian

Choice of Sauce:
Bibimbab / BBQ

Hotstone Egg & Cheese Fried Rice

With melted cheese and choice of protein.

Choice of Protein:
Spicy Chicken / Ham

Hotstone Cheesy Kimchi Fried Ricelike

With melted cheese and spicy pork.

Egg Fried Rice

Reminisce your childhood with the familiar egg fried rice.

Choice of Protein:
Ham / Bulgogi Beef

Kimchi Fried Ricelike

A popular and classic Korean staple served with kimchi and spicy pork.

White Rice